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Brain Wave Writer

Neurological Enthusiast

What separates us humans from all other living matter? Our minds. We are always judged on our minds as they control everything that we do. We believe our minds control our behaviors although this is not entirely true. Think of someone with a disorder such as hearing loss or Parkinson’s Disease. Those two examples would show behaviors that do not correlate with the mind of the person they embody. This paradox is one of many that have encouraged me on this path of discovering how our minds are influenced and how to care for and educate others’. It starts with studying my own and literature from those who have studied so many others. This blog has no intention other than to publish my brain waves and encourage others to ride my waves and produce their own in reaction. My only goal in life is to be a positive change in the reaction to all types of brains and allows a space for others’ to express their own minds.

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